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Flamenco Maps

 ... and a NEW flamenco educational project was born! 🥳🥳🥳

Is it called “flamenco school,” or “flamenco online academy?”, NO, it's called FLAMENCOMAPS, because... go and visit:

It is an original, comprehensive and transformative way for flamenco DANCERS, GUITARISTS, SINGERS and all flamenco LOVERS to learn, practice and reach your full potential and creativity!


We can spend years learning choreographies, steps, letras, or falsetas by heart and still miss the fundamentals of how it REALLY works. FlamencoMAPS it is the perfect complement for any flamenco lessons you already take, whether it be dance, singing, guitar, palmas or percussion because it is not enough to accumulate knowledge and learn by heart. 💃🕺💛🧡💙


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We need to realize the truth: the more that something is created, the more abundance of that thing exists! For a healthy vibrant community to flourish it is vital to adopt this mindset. Let us examine why competition can hurt not only others but ourselves, and why collaboration is the more beneficial choice. Animation by Libby VanderPloeg   Scarcity is a construct. It is normal to feel this way, to fear there is only a small amount of something such as a limited audience, number of students or customers. Society has conditioned us to fear that if others succeed that they will take this something from us. We have all grown up to believe there are finite sources of even things that are bountiful and once these are gone there is none left for us. Social scientists note how those in power artificially create these scarcities in order to control both the spending and labour of individuals  [1] [2] .  So scarcity is a concept   instilled by our society even when it doesn't exist that r

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L'affiche de Bernard Villemot, commanditée en 1952 par le gouvernement espagnol, a été revisitée par l'excellente graphiste Kara Lawrence (aussi connue sous le nom de Kara Miranda lorsqu'elle danse) pour signifier le passage au "Cabaret en ligne". Le soleil rouge représente le bouton "rec", que nous allons utiliser très souvent désormais! The Bernard Villemot poster, originally commissioned by the Spanish government in 1952, has been revisited by graphic designer Kara Lawrence (also known as Kara Miranda when she dances flamenco) to underline the switch to an "Online Cabaret". The red sun represents the "rec" button, which we will be using a lot from now on!

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“Viva Communauté Art”(VCA) is proud to be the service provider for “Cabaret Flamenco de Montr é al”. OVERVIEW Establishing an organisational structure to host the performance event to encourage developing flamenco artists. GOALS Philosophies and principles for “Cabaret Flamenco de Montréal” (CFDM).  Identifying major hurdles faced in carrying out a “smooth” hosting of the event.  Have a good knowledge about current organisational system for this event.  Requirements needed for hosting “Cabaret Flamenco” event. MILESTONES Establish principles, philosophies for long term sustainability   Discuss the vision, foundation rules, policies and principles of Cabaret Flamenco de Montreal. Identifying key benefits of this project to local art communities and artists. CFDM events are “not for profit” to developing artists, emerging artists and artists but it will be “for profit” to established and part-time established artists. CFDM’s primary objective is to promote