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Blogger - A Helpful Tool for Independent Artists

So, if you are an independent artist and exploring ways how to promote your art in these difficult times...try Blogger!  Did you know that this is a powerful publishing tool that you can use along with your social media page or profile to make a professional blog for discussions with your audience?
Yes, by now you would have probably figured out that this post is made on Blogger. Let me share some valid points why I think Blogger is a great tool for independent and emerging artists to promote their art.

Create amazing content which looks good on all of your devices.

Connect it to your professional website and be found quickly on popular search engines!

Be in control of your content and easily update.
Customise your blog to keep up with the latest design trends.

Earn some extra money by allowing ads appear on your blog.
What are you waiting for? Give Blogger a try and start exploring!
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Buy events is now live !

Buy events feature is live now!!

Here is how you get started with 5 simple steps!  Publish you favorite local event via this link -  Set a price for an admission or a ticket to sell for your published event at  Fill out the details and send it for approval. You will receive the approval from us shortly. Your event will then be listed for sale-

Sell your event and start making some money!!:) 

Buy local events

You can now buy or sell an event (tickets and online classes)!! Upload your event and make it available to the entire arts community via VCA's boosted search rankings!! This feature is currently being tested and will be live next week.

Upload your favorite local events

Check out VCA's newest feature for uploading your favorite local events!! You can edit the events details by logging into your account space.

Méthodologie de travail pour créer vos chorégraphies

CABARET FLAMENCO DE MONTRÉAL PRÉSENTE UN ATELIER INTENSIF AVEC Marie-Pierre Lessard Flamenco Sherbrooke Méthodologie de travail pour créer vos chorégraphies CONTENU L’atelier est composé d’exercices d’improvisation encadrée, d’exercices d’analyse de la gestuelle, de travail individuel et d’échange avec les autres participant-e-s. jeudi, 7 nov - 18h30 à 20h vendredi, 8 nov - 19h à 20h30 samedi, 9 nov - 16h à 17h30 100$ - 3 classes 38$/classe Minimum de 4 ans d'expérience recommandé ---------------------------------------------------- CABARET FLAMENCO DE MONTRÉAL PRESENTS A WORKSHOP INTENSIVE WITH MARIE-PIERRE LESSARD CONTENT The workshop counts exercises of guided improvisation, analysis of the body movement, individual work and exchanges with the other participants. Thursday Nov 7 - 6:30 to 8:00pm Friday Nov 8 - 7:00 to 8:30pm Saturday Nov 9 - 4 to 5:30pm $100 - 3 classes deal $38/dro…

Website Revamp and Update

Hello folks,

For the past few months, I have been working on revamping my website with new additional services that will help the local artists promote their talent to the community to improve their professional online presence. So I developed an online shop to sell your products and services!! :)

You can simply provide me essential details on your products (eg. dance lessons, music classes, etc..) by filling out a form here. The money from products and services sold will be directly deposited to the respective artist's account.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and news!

Merci Beaucoup

Nous souhaitons faire part de notre profonde gratitude envers tous ceux qui ont soutenu le Cabaret en assistant aux spectacles tout au long de cette merveilleuse année.

Depuis notre nouveau départ avec un formidable concert au mois d’avril, nous avons organisé 10 évènements. Nous avons soutenu et rémunéré 9 groupes d’artistes. Nous avons coordonné environ 10 volontaires. Avec succès, nous avons obtenu la somme de 2,500 $, qui est revenue directement aux artistes.

Grâce à un travail d’équipe, nous avons restructuré le Cabaret Flamenco. Cela nous a permis de trouver un superbe lieu pour nos spectacles, de construire notre propre plancher portable pour la danse, et d’établir un système transparent de rémunération pour les artistes, les organisateurs et les volontaires.

Nous n’aurions pas été capables d’accomplir cela sans l’aide de nos quelques 500 fidèles supporteurs… Alors merci beaucoup à vous tous! :)

La nouvelle année 2019 nous réserve des nouvelles très enthousiasmantes. Nous sommes en…